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7th Assembly

Kano State of Nigeria


Published by Authority

No. 6 Kano - 27th February, 2014 Vol. 46


K.S. Law No. 4 of 2014 - Kano State Trade Registration Law


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Assented to this 5th day of March, 2014 (1435 AH).

Mohammed Rabi’u Musa,




Law No. 4 of 2014 Kano State of Nigeria


A Law to provide for the establishment of Trade Registration and other matters connected thereto.

Be it Enacted by the Kano State House of Assembly as Follows:-


This Law may be cited as the “Trade Registration Short Title and Law 2014” and shall come into operation on the Commencement. 5th Day of March 2014 (1435 A.H.).

In this Law, unless the context otherwise interpretation, requires:-

“Trade Registration” means registration of Trade and Businesses;

“Apex Association” means a Market

Associations composed of mother associations from markets associations comprised of unit associations within a market;

“Mother Association” means an umbrella market association comprised of unit associations within a market;

A 52 Law No. 4 of 2014 Kano State Trade Registration Law 2014


“Unit Association” means a group of individuals carrying out similar business or allied trades under the mother association within a market;

“Foreigner” means any person other than a Nigerian Citizen;


“Court” means the Chief Magistrate Court; “Registrar” means a Director in charge of the Department of Commerce in the Ministry; “Commissioner” means the Commissioner responsible for the affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Tourism; “Governor” means the Governor of Kano State; “Individual” means a person whether a Nigerian or a Foreigner doing business or trade not under the umbrella of any trade association;

“Ministry” means the Ministry of Commerce, Industiy, Cooperatives and Tourism;


Establishment of Trade Registry


“Specialized Market” means a market designated for a particular type of trade or business.

There shall be established for the State a Trade Registry for registration of Trades and Businesses which shall be under the Commissioner responsible for Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Tourism.

The Director of Commerce shall be in charge of the Registry.

Functions of the Registry


and businesses being

in. the State by trade associations^ individuals:

(2) Regulate the activities of registered Trade Associations in the State.

The Registry shall:

(1) Register all trades carried






Any individual or trade association carrying out any Trade .or Business_shaLI register such

Registration of Trade and Businesses.

..teds.—or .business in ^accordance. with the pro.\asion§_onhis law.

Registration of Foreigners

Where the Registrar is satisfied that an individual or trade association has complied with the registration procedures under this Law, he shall issue a license which shall take effect from the date of registration and shall be renewable at the commencement of each financial year.

Subject to the provisions of Companies and Allied

Matters Act (CAMA), a Foreigner who intends to carry out any trade or business in the State either as an individual, trade association or in a

Particulars of Registration

Time of Registration

corporate name shall register the Trade or Business in accordance with this Law.

Any applicant for registration of trade or business

shall furnish the Registrar with a statement in writing containing the particulars of his

businesses or trade.

(1) The Registrar shall register all existing trades and businesses within 30 days from the beginning of each financial year;

Where a new business is established after the commencement of this Law, the Registrar shall register such new business from the date it commences business.

Any registration made pursuant to sub-section

(2) of this section shall be deemed to cover

registration for that financial year.

Where a Certificate of Registration of Trade or Business has been issued in accordance with this Law and the person to whom the certificate was issued intends to effect any change in the particulars already submitted, that person shall within 14 days after the occurrence of such change, send in writing, to the Registrar the nature of the change.

(1) An Apex Association shall pay an initial registration fees of $4250,000:00 and $4100,000:00 for subsequent renewal of registration.

Registration Fees

 A Mother Association shall pay an initial registration fees of <450,000:00 and N10,000:00 for subsequent renewal of registration.

A Unit Association shall an initial registration fees of N20,000:00 and $410,000:00 for subsequent renewal of registration.

An Individual shall pay a registration fees of not less.-- .than $42.000:00 and not more than

^nn.nnn nn foppnHing nn tho ngti|ra 0f his trade

and N1,000:00 or any other amount as may be determined by the Commissioner for subsequent renewal of registration.

A Foreigner shall pay:-

In the case of an individual the sum of N100,000:00 for registration of his trade or business and 14100,000:00 for subsequent renewal of registration.

In the case of a trade association or a corporate body the sum of $4200,000:00 for registration and the sum of $4200,000:00 for subsequent renewal of registration.



Subject to the provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and any other Law in force, any person whether a trade association or an individual who wishes to employ another person to assist him in carrying out a trade or business shall among other things specify in a document the terms and conditions of the employment showing clearly as follows:

The working hours of the employee;

Salaries, wages, entitlements and allowances for such employee;

The duration of such employment and the final benefits of such employee for the period of employment.

There shall be established in the State specialized markets



Where a market is designated as special market, no person shall carry out any other business other than the business for which the market is so designated except with the written approval of the Commissioner.

Where a person chooses to carry out his business outside the specialized market, that person shall apply to the Commissioner to that effect.

Powers of the Registrar

Regulation of Election by Registrar

Offences and Penalties

An application made pursuant to sub-section

and (3) of this section may be granted by the Commissioner upon payment of a fee which shall not be less than $42,000:00 and not more than N1,000,000:00 depending on the nature of the business of the applicant.

The Registrar may with the approval of the Commissioner, direct for an inspection of a Registered Trade Association or an Individual for the purposes of ensuring compliance with this Law.

Whenever a Trade Association intends to hold an election into various posts, the Registrar shall regulate the conduct of such election in accordance with this Law and the Constitution of the Association.

(1) Any Trade Association or Individual who fails to register in accordance with the provisions of this Law, commits an offence and is liable upon conviction to a fine of not less than N5,000:00 and not more than ,000,000:00.

Any trade association or individual who knowingly furnishes the Registrar with false information in the particulars of registration commits an offence and is liable upon conviction



to a fine of not less than N5,000:00 and not more than (41,000,000:00

Where a registered trade association or an individual is convicted under this Law, the Registrar may cancel the certificate of registration of the affected association or individual.

The Registrar in addition to conviction, cancellation of registration may in appropriate cases order the closure of the trade premises of the convict.

Court with 15. A Chief Magistrate Court shall have jurisdiction to

Jurisdiction try offences under this Law.


This printed impression has been carefully compared with the Bill which has been passed by the House of Assembly and found by me to be a true and correctly printed copy of the said Law.

Lawan Badamasi Clerk/Permanent Secretary, Kano State House of Assembly